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What are the balls?

"The balls", can have different meanings. Depending on the context,  it could have very different meanings, in a causal or relaxed  situation, "the balls" most likely refers (MORE)

Why where the witches that were prosecuted at the Salem witch trails really witches?

Assuming you're asking the question, "Were any witches that were prosecuted at the Salem Witch Trials really witches?" the answer is no. during the early modern period in Euro (MORE)
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What are witches punishment?

Normally to be burned at the stake or tortured then have their heads cut off.
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What is a ball?

Balls are objects typically used in games. They are usually spherical but can be ovoid. In most games using balls, the play of the game follows the state of the ball as it is (MORE)

A witch spell?

Answer 1: yes there are easy witch's one right now:     East To West I Call Thee Near,    North To South Come Settle Here.    Winds Of Night, (MORE)

What did the pendle witches do?

The Pendle Witches were accused of selling their souls to familiar spirits or devils who appeared to them in human and animal form. In return for their souls, it was believed (MORE)

Are witches real?

Not in the terms of Hollywood exaggerated movies such as The Craft(although there is a practicing witch who stars as Nancy in themovie). However, Witches do exist. They are pr (MORE)

Origin of the witch?

  Before modern medicine, which is only a couple of hunded years old, people used to cure themselves naturally. A witch meant wise. Women who birthed babies for thousands (MORE)

Knock knock who there witch witch who?

Two answers to this joke.    Knock, Knock!   Who's there?   Witch.   Witch who?   Witch one of you can fix my broomstick?    Knock, Knock!   (MORE)