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Why and how did the Salem Witchcraft come to an end?

They ended primarily because the hysteria waned. The masses weren't believing the accusations and the secular officials were joining them. The trials were really doomed when G (MORE)

Can you consider the miracle of witchcraft as technology?

By definition technology is the application of scientific knowledge and research to practical tasks, the tools created for performing those tasks and the training in the contr (MORE)

What was the first US colony to legalize witchcraft?

None. When the colonies were in existence, the social paradigm was heavily Protestant. With the adoption of the First Admentment to the Constitution freedom of religion was in (MORE)

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Why was it surprising that rebecca nurse is charged with witchcraft?

Unlike most accused witches, she didn't possess all the traits that usually defined a witch. Most prominent was her wealth and status. Both far exceeded those of a standard wi (MORE)

Is witchcraft connected to pagan superstitions?

Paganism in modern times is an umbrella term for any nature based religion or set of beliefs and practises. Historically a "Pagan" was a country dweller, or one who comes from (MORE)