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What can you do to help your friend who has autism?

The best thing that you can do is simply be a friend -- a real friend. Someone with autism will require from you a genuine understanding and acceptance of the fact that his wo (MORE)
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Did iman drogba have a best friend when she was little?

Yes she did, She had a best friend at Clare Mont Fan Court School. If you didn't know her dad is a Famous football player who plays for Chelsea, anyway, Iman's best friend was (MORE)

How can you help a friend who is a compulsive liar?

Answer . \nPeople with destructive personality traits (such as a pattern of lying) need the help of a mental health professional and even mental health specialists may not (MORE)

What does little friends may prove great friends mean?

I haven't heard it before, but I assume it means some friends you may not consider to be particularly close to you, or if you prefer 'little friends', may turn out to be every (MORE)

How can you help your friend with an emotional breakdown?

If your friend is having an emotional break down, you need to be there for them. Do not start texting, blank out or do anything else that makes it look like you don't care. Th (MORE)

How do you say my little friend in french?

The French equivalent of "my little friend" is mon ami petit (male) or mon amie petite (female). Likewise, mon petit ami is boyfriend and ma petite amie is girlfriend. Als (MORE)

How do you help a friend?

there are many ways in which you can be AA helpful friend.One thing you have to keep in mind about being a good friend is being honest and trustworthy..once people know that y (MORE)
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What can you do to help your friend?

You can help your friend by first just loving on them, next you can go over the problem with them. If it a really serious issue you should bring it to someone who can help.

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