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Can a regular extension cord cause a TV to explode if there is no wiring problem within the walls?

Most TV sets don't draw enuff current to make an extension cord unusable. The real problem is getting which kid to confess to throwing that heavy toy at the screen which cause (MORE)

Where was the TV series 'MASH' filmed?

M*A*S*H was filmed in what is now the Malibu Creek State Park in California. At the time, it was a movie ranch owned by 20th Century Fox.
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What is the music in tv series zen?

It's all original music by Adrian Johnston, who creates it for the programme. Though I've been looking for it myself I haven't been able to find details of a CD release anyw (MORE)

What happen to bones tv series?

The show is currently on a break due to Emily Deschanel's maternity leave. They are scheduled to return in the beginning of April.
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Why was the TV series The Agency cancelled?

The TV series The Agency was cancelled due to its controversy. The  show explored current international affairs, and featured  unprecedented filming from the actual CIA head (MORE)
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Will there be a vampire academy tv series?

I don't know about a T.V series, but the first Vampire Academy movie is set to come out next year (2014). The title is Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. If they are making a mov (MORE)

What tv series has lasted the longest?

NBC's "Meet the Press" is the longest running show, 61 years (as of 2009). The Today show on NBC has aired the most number of episodes, but has not been on as long as Meet th (MORE)