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Can ONYX withstand outside weathering?

First I don't see how there could be such a thing as 'inside' weathering - if you think about it, it is not possible. The use of "outside" in your question implies that there (MORE)

How does a submarine withstand the pressure of the ocean?

The 2 major features of a submarine hull design that helps it withstand sea pressure at extreme depth is the material it's made of, and the design of the hull itself. Spheri (MORE)

What metal can withstand the most heat?

Tungsten has a very high melting point that's around 3500degrees, its used in radioactive equipment like x-ray machines so it can withstand electron beams and what not....
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Which materials can withstand a high temperature?

One material that can withstand enormous amounts of heat is tungsten. It melts at 3422 degrees Centigrade and 6192 degrees Fahrenheit. Another is Carbon, which melts at 3527 d (MORE)

What injury does jem withstand?

Jem and Scout are attacked during the night on their way back home from the Halloween play. While Jem was trying to escape, the attacker broke his arm
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Can an egg withstand force?

    An egg is very strong end to end, in fact it is very hard indeed to crush an egg in your hands by squeezing on the actual ends because the two dome shapes act to r (MORE)

Is there a tank that can withstand a sabot round?

I believe a Challenger 2 with Gen 2 Chobham armour could. Generally speaking, the advanced armor on the latest-generation NATO tanks can withstand a sabot round at all but po (MORE)