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What does withstand mean?

To Take a beating, get hit by someone and still stand, "I Got into a fight yesterday, iWithstanded a lot of punches and bruises.
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Can an egg withstand force?

\nAn egg is very strong end to end, in fact it is very hard indeed to crush an egg in your hands by squeezing on the actual ends because the two dome shapes act to resist perf (MORE)

What can withstand sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid, H2SO4, is in car batteries. It is a very strong and dangerous acid with a very low pH. This means that it will eat through many things. My guess would be tha (MORE)

Which substance can withstand the impact of meteors?

Meteors have such an enormous speed - in the order of 10-70 kilometers per second! - that no shield would be able to withstand that. Meteors have such an enormous speed - in (MORE)

Can a tank withstand a RPG?

Depends on the tank, WHICH RPG (there are several) and where it ishit. In the case of the M1A1 Abrams, the hull and turret willsurvive survive being hit with a standard RPG-7. (MORE)
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How can you withstand heat?

To withstand heat when it is warm outside start by staying hydrated and drinking a lot of water. Another way to withstand high temperatures is to seek shade which helps the bo (MORE)