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What is witty?

That means that someone is a smart person who is able write or say clever, intelligent and, to a degree, sharp phrases, remarks etc.
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What is a witty reply?

"Witty" means clever or smart. A witty reply would be one that is clever - usually, a witty reply is humorous. Sometimes, a witty reply would just be one that was thought up v ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with witty?

Witty is a word that means "quick and inventive verbal humor". Words that rhyme with witty: . bitty → tiny . city → a large town . ditty → simple, short so ( Full Answer )
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How can you be a witty person?

it can't be taught. it's something your born with. i guess you could be be told jokes and shown how to say them. but its not the same. Being witty is a personality thing, you ( Full Answer )
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What is a witty banter?

\nWitty banter is a slang term for having an amusing and intelligent conversation between one or more people.
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What is a witty saying?

you lookin at me . oh no you didnt . i will be back . oh tarter sause . how rude . snap!
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What type of poem is short and witty?

i think they are called limericks There was a young woman called Lynne Who was so incredibly thin That when she was made To drink lemonade She slipped through the s ( Full Answer )
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Do girls love guys who are witty?

Yes! Because without wit conversation all about what he has done. A girl like for a guy to get her. That take wit
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What is the possessive of the word wittiness?

As written in the question, 'wittiness' is an abstract noun to thestate of being witty, and thus does not have a possessive form. If the writer meant 'witness', the possessiv ( Full Answer )