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S WM A AP are in NF What is the answer?

it was a tuffy but finally i Cracked it! A of Z S WM A AP are in NF is >> All of the Zodiac signs within Mars, Aries, and Apollo are in the Northern Field i got it from a sour (MORE)

What is Wm Rogers 625?

unfortunately, its not 62.5 percent silver...the 625 is a pattern number. the company was known for silver plated ware....sorry
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Which guys at WMS jack off?

All of them. especialy the sixth graders, they do it more often then Franklin who doe is at least 8 times a day. some 8th graders do it in the middle of class because they can (MORE)
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How Wm-2 is the unit of energy?

Hello W/m2 is not the unit of energy. Students get confused usually as we use the symbol E for the energy radiated per unit area per second. So it is not only the energy. It i (MORE)