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What is the difference between wma and mp3?

WMA is Windows Media Audio, a proprietary format by Microsoft. MP3 is Mpeg2 layer 3, a standard format which has both free,open-source, public encoders as well as private and ( Full Answer )
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Can you burn a wma file on DVD?

Yes, actually burning a wma files on DVD is similar to burning other videos on DVD. The operations are similar. The only problem is that if your DVD burner supports wma format ( Full Answer )
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What is WMA CD and WMA DVD?

WMA or Windows Media Audio is the audio compression technology developed by Microsoft Corporation. WMA name is given to audio codecs and audio files which use WMA technologies ( Full Answer )
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What is WMA music format?

WMA stands for Windows Media Audio. It was developed by Microsoft and is similar to MP3's in that it is a compressed audio format. It generally produces better sound than that ( Full Answer )
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How to unprotect WMA?

First buy a CD that you want to upload on the computer,then when you have the CD Rip it on Windows Media Player,then you will have your songs on there.After, Get/Buy pla ( Full Answer )
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What does wma mean on your MP3 player?

WMA is the Microsoft version of compressed sound files. The Bill Gates equivalent of mp3.
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What is the meaning of wma-file?

WMA means WINDOWS MEDIA AUDIO.This is a sound file. It can be played on most mp3 players and obviously WINDOWS operating systems. WMA can also be played on other portable devi ( Full Answer )
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How do you convert MP3 files to WMA?

Why would you do that? MP3 is a compressed file with a lot of frequency loss that can't be regained. To convert this to a larger WMA file will not improve the fidelity, it's j ( Full Answer )
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How can you convert an MSWMM into a WMA?

You can't convert a MSWMM (Microsoft Windows Movie Maker) since that format is not a Standard viewing format. A MSWMM file can only be read in the Windows Movie Maker program. ( Full Answer )
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What is a WMA to MP3 converter?

WMA is a Windows patented audio compression technolology.MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3.MP3 is used by most devices which can play music.WMA can only be used by some devi ( Full Answer )