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How do you change a wma to an mp3 file?

Three words: YouTubeDownloader. :) It's free, and you can find it just by googling. It has an option so you can select the .wma as an input and output the file as a .mp3 for w (MORE)

What is WMA CD and WMA DVD?

WMA or Windows Media Audio is the audio compression technology developed by Microsoft Corporation. WMA name is given to audio codecs and audio files which use WMA technologies (MORE)

What is better MP3 or wma?

There both just forms of compressed audio. With similar audio quality their file sizes may be a bit different. Many players that play one can play the other.

What is wma playback for psp?

WMA is windows proprietary audio format (windows media audio) - similar to mp3 but mp3 is usually the most common audio format used for music . Unless of course you use l (MORE)

How do you convert protected wma files?

I had exactly the same problem. All you need to do is: 1. Search up 'Switch' on Google. 2. Click on ' Switch Audio File Converter - NCH Software '. 3. On the right h (MORE)

How to unprotect WMA?

First buy a CD that you want to upload on the computer,then when you have the CD Rip it on Windows Media Player,then you will have your songs on there.After, Get/Buy pla (MORE)

How do you change the flv file to wma?

FLV to Video Converter Pro 2 is able to convert any encoded FLV or F4V downloaded from YouTube, Hulu, Google Video, MySpace, etc. to another popular video or audio formats fo (MORE)
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Can an iPod touch play wma?

The iPod Touch does not support proprietary formats such as WMA. Such files will need to be converted to standard MP3s to use on an iPod.
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What is meant by the initials WMA?

The abreviation WMA can stand for a few things. As a file extention it stands for Windows Media Audio. The Pearl Jam song W.M.A. stands for White Male American.