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How do you change wma to mp3 on Windows Movie Maker?

You can't change a .wma to a .mp3 file using Windows Movie Maker. You need an Audio Converter to do that. During the Publishing/Finishing process Windows Movie Maker automat (MORE)

What is a WMA to MP3 converter?

WMA is a Windows patented audio compression technolology.  MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3.  MP3 is used by most devices which can play music.  WMA can only be used by (MORE)
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What is the difference between wma and mp3?

WMA is Windows Media Audio, a proprietary format by Microsoft.   MP3 is Mpeg2 layer 3, a standard format which has both free,  open-source, public encoders as well as pri (MORE)

What is the average size of a .wma song file?

  Answer   Hi,   Bit rate is what determines the file size of any audio files(uncompressed or compressed).wma is a compressed audio format (lossy compression) so (MORE)

What is the meaning of wma-file?

WMA means WINDOWS MEDIA AUDIO.This is a sound file. It can be played on most mp3 players and obviously WINDOWS operating systems. WMA can also be played on other portable devi (MORE)