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In Law & Legal Issues

What are the laws about being woke up?

Answer . I dont know if there are any laws on the book about being woke up by a family member,etc. There are however noise ordinances in every county so if your talking ab ( Full Answer )
In Dolphins and Porpoises

Why did the dolphin never woke up?

i am guessing this is a joke because their is no answer for that but i will ask why it sounds cuite funny
In Sentence and Word Structure

Is this correct 'have you not woke up yet'?

The phrase, "have you not woke up yet?" can be considered correct,but it sounds odd. It would sound better being said simply as "haveyou woke up yet?"
In UK Colleges and Universities

Is woking college a private college?

Woking College is a Sixth Form School which is not a private, but a public school.
In Past Tenses

What was ponyboy worried about when he woke up?

because he had alot going Thur his mind like court for the killing of bob and to see if he and sodapop should be in a home somewhere Else than living with darry then Dally and ( Full Answer )
In Dreams and Dream Interpretation

Why did you think you woke up but you didnt?

This type of dream suggests that the dreamer needs to "wake up" in some area of life. In other words, the dreamer needs to face reality and let go of childish, magical or roma ( Full Answer )
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Why are you still tired when you have woke up?

The body is always tired after first waking up. The best solution is to eat apples or to take a nice hot shower. They stimulate your senses and get your body going.
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Is woke a long vowel word?

Yes. It has a long O and a silent E, to rhyme with poke and stoke.