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What religion was theobald wolfe tone?

He was a protestant but he fought for the rights of catholics, particularly getting them a vote. He wanted to break Irelands ties to England and he wanted all Irishmen to be t (MORE)

What is a chord tone?

One of the notes in a chord. For a three-note chord (major, minor, diminished, augmented), the root is the first chord tone, the major or minor third is the "third" chord tone (MORE)

What is toned milk? says:   Toned Milk   Also called single toned milk, refers to milk obtained by the addition of water and skim milk powder to whole milk. In practice, w (MORE)

What is a poly tone?

A poly tone is a synthesized version of music or a song that closely simulates the original recording using multiple channels and instruments. It is optimized for the phone an (MORE)
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What is a wolf?

The Wolf (Canis Lupus) is a bigger, furrier and wilder animal butis related to the dog. Answer: The Gray Wolf, also called the Timber Wolf or just wolf (Canislupus), is the l (MORE)

What is a impersonal tone?

Here is an example of a personal tone in writing: I think communities should help the homeless more. I envision community housing and jobs programs that would help homeless p (MORE)
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What is a she-wolf?

Factual Answer A she wolf is a female wolf, a bitch, whatever. A she wolf is often called a vixen -like a fox-, but most commonlya fae or a femme that just means a female wol (MORE)

Tone of the story?

The tone of a story is how writers express their attitude. The  written intonation is accomplished by the use of adjectives and can  change from chapter to chapter. It is th (MORE)

Am i a wolf?

Yes not a human because I don't think it's just that you can see  how I feel so much for me knowing that I don't have the human body  anymore but in this case I believe that (MORE)