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What is a womanizer?

Normal slang use- a man who is something of a philanderer or playboy with many female contacts- examples include Errol Flynn, Howard Hughes, etc. Does not normally refer to ( (MORE)
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How do you get woman?

Start off by being nice to her and try to take it nice and easy.
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Are you a woman?

There are many people who work on WikiAnswers. We are men, women, young people, retirees, college students, people from all walks of life. In the interest of helping each othe (MORE)
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What is a womanator?

A male who takes advantage of the weaker minded, or easily manipulated females that exist in society can be known as a "Womanator."
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How can you get a woman?

You have to mix and meet people. The more you meet the better the odds of finding someone.
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Who and what is a womanizer?

  A womanizer is a Don Juan; a man who pursues romantic relationships with women mostly for the achievement. These relationships are usually short and intense, and then he (MORE)

Can a woman preach to men and woman.?

The short answer is: it depends on the denomination. Some religions forbid it, but others permit it. Part of the split involves the more conservative and traditional interpret (MORE)