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What does thou art fair mean?

It looks like old speak for 'you are fair' which could mean the person being spoken to is fair or beautiful.
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Now art thou sociable now art thou Romeo?

Mercutio says this as the guys are hanging out, just before Juliet's nurse shows up. Romeo has shown that he is no longer the moping mooning idiot he was during his infatuatio (MORE)

What does as fair art thou mean?

When Juliett says to Romeo, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou," she  is asking "why are you a Montague?" The Montagues and the Capulets  long-standing feud is what is keepin (MORE)

How art thou out of breath when thou hast breath meaning?

juliet wants to know what romeo has spoken of her and what he is  like. the nurse knows and tries to drag out the conversation and  gives excuses after excuses and tells jul (MORE)