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Can women go into combat in the military?

Nowadays they can, yes. Due to the international Human Rights Act, women must be given the same, equal opportunities as men. There are hundreds of female war heroes to this (MORE)

In what country is military service compulsory for women?

The modern example is Israel, where both men and women have to serve in the military, or in national service. Israel conscripted females for auxiliary military duty (support/t (MORE)

Why should women serve in the military?

women should be able to serve in the military because they are becoming more and more powerful in every other aspect of life, why not in the military? As a military hopeful my (MORE)

Why should women be allowed in the military?

They are; women make up a large portion of many countries' armed forces. The real question is "should women be allowed in combat?" Since this is an opinion question I will s (MORE)