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What did women wear in the 80's?

In the 80's, women wore leg warmers, sweatshirts, tie dye shirts,  etc. They also wore brightly colored clothing and had big hair.
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Who where the 1930's heavyweight boxing champions?

  The World Heavyweight Boxing champions were (in order)   Max Schmeling (Germany Won title June 12,1930 from Jack Sharkey on 4th round disqualifaction in NYC   Jack (MORE)

How were women treated in the 1960's?

Women in the 1960's were beginning to have more opportunities than  women had in the past. More women were working outside of the home  in the 1960's. However, they were sti (MORE)

What is the purpose of s-box in DES?

The S-boxes are the nonlinear part of DES that makes it difficult to break the algorithm and secure against linear and differential cryptanalysis. the s-boxes provide the "con (MORE)

Did women have independence in the 1800's?

That is a very broad question. I can only answer for society in the U.S. Circumstances varied widely for women in different parts of the world as they do today. Women in the (MORE)

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Names of women in the 1800's?

sarah,marie,rosa,and molly maybe... or Not sure if these are all restricted to England, or England and the US. Top Baby Names in the Early 1800s. Male name.............. (MORE)

What are the 3 questions for women on Pandora's Box?

1. What gives you the most fulfillment in life? 2. What is the one thing you would need if trapped on a deserted island? ^ this one I'm not so sure about, go in funny if n (MORE)

How were women treated in the 1600's?

Answer   The 1600s were a time marked by the Scientific Revolution. During this time, women were treated as inferior being who were meant to tend to the house and tend to (MORE)
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What did the women wear in the 1910's?

In 1910, women wore huge decorated hats that almost seemed too big  for their heads. They also wore long linen skirts and jackets. They  wore blouses that had ruffles in the (MORE)