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Why do you think the role of women in science fiction films is equal or unequal to the roles of men?

  For the most part, particularly in the early years, it was very unequal. Strong male characters took the lead with the woman providing either comedy relief or visual can (MORE)

Examples of science fiction?

Jules Verne's stories - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, To the Moon from the Earth. Isaac Asimov - I, Robot - The Foundation Trilogy - Hundreds of others. Robert Heinlein - St (MORE)

What is the definition of science fiction?

Science fiction is the creation of imaginary stories that are based on extensions of technology (e.g. genetics, robotics, space travel), or on alternate dimensions of existenc (MORE)

Is Doctor Who science fiction?

Yes. To expand: while there is a faction of science fiction fandom that has very strict rules on what constitutes "real" science fiction (everything else falls into either " (MORE)

Why is the Hunger Games science fiction what makes it science fiction?

The book, The Hunger Games, is part of the Science Fiction genre. This is a Science Fiction book because the book is set in the future and has new inventions and usage of word (MORE)

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What came first science fiction or science?

Strange as it might seem Science Fiction came first. SF has been around ever since ever since literature began, in fact the earliest piece of literature (The Epic of Gilgames (MORE)