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Why is the Hunger Games science fiction what makes it science fiction?

The book, The Hunger Games, is part of the Science Fiction genre. This is a Science Fiction book because the book is set in the future and has new inventions and usage of word (MORE)
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Is science fiction real or fake?

The word "fiction" means "made up". Some or all of the science   in the story may be real, but the story is made up.
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Why do you think the role of women in science fiction films is equal or unequal to the roles of men?

  For the most part, particularly in the early years, it was very unequal. Strong male characters took the lead with the woman providing either comedy relief or visual can (MORE)

What is the meaning of science fiction?

In very generic terms, the meaning of Science Fiction is to tell a  fictional (untrue) story based on some sort of science. There are  many types of Science Fiction. Some st (MORE)

Is science fiction useful?

That depends on what you think is useful of course, but I find it  useful... lots of Science Fiction has real science in it, so there  is something to learn. Plus, all ficti (MORE)

Is science fiction a space fantasy?

There are many science fiction stories- the whole Atlantis genre, for example that have nothing to do with Space Travel but do go to Inner space- underwater, time travel, etc. (MORE)