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What is a wonder spider?

it a spider came from Brazil or any where in South America that get on banana and if its bites you you die in minutes or hours the vemon is bad . be carefull
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Who are the wonder broz?

The WonderBroz were originally named GT for Gennis and Tool - they're stage names were derived from their childhood ventures - they are blood brothers - Gennis is Omari Castle (MORE)

What is whispers of wonder?

The next band to grace the face of Unsigned and Unholy are Whispers of Wonder from Portland, Oregon (USA). These guys are a 5 piece "Melodic Wondercore" band which consists of (MORE)

Synonyms of wonderful?

Some of the synonyms of wonderful are: admirable, amazing, astonishing, awesome, brilliant, cool, excellent, fabulous, fantastic, fine, incredible, pleasant, remarkable, supe (MORE)

Who said wonderful wonderful wonderful?

Lawrence Welk (1903-1992) was a famous bandleader who had a  long-running television show. Because he was raised in a  German-American community in North Dakota, his accent (MORE)
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Is wonderful an adverb?

No. Wonderful (full of wonder, commonly used to mean superb) is an adjective. The adverb is wonderfully.
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Where is Wonder Woman from?

  Themyscira or Paradise Island, one of the (mythical) Greek Isles. this is somewhat odd as she is a commissioned officer in the US Army Intelligence. I believe a naturali (MORE)

What rhymes with wonder?

blunder thunder asunder under, plunder, aider alder ardor balder bander bender binder blander blender blinder blonder blunder boarder bolder bonder border boulder (MORE)
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Is wonder a noun?

Yes, the word 'wonder' is a noun, a singular,  common, abstract noun; a word for something extraordinary or  surprising; a feeling caused by something extraordinary,  myste (MORE)