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What is the standard shaft length for a 3 wood?

The standard length of a mens 3 wood is around 41-42 inches long. You will find that the length of shaft varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can also get custom fit (MORE)
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Why can you hit your 3 wood further than your driver?

  Many players can hit a 3 wood farther than a driver. Because of the very low loft on the driver, it's necessary to hit the ball with high club head speed and with a sl (MORE)

Wood shaping tool 3 letters?

A wood shaping tool that is three letters could be:   - Adz   - Awl   - Axe   - Saw
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Where to get wood in super stick RPG 3?

Around the map when you walk to another town, there will be some brown rectangles. Walk on top of them and press the A button.