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How does woodblock printing work?

Answer 1 . Although I'm no expert on the subject, I did a fair amount of block printing back during the 60s and early 70s.. To begin to understand the process, first think (MORE)

How has woodblock printing impacted your world?

Woodblock printing has impacted the entire world. Because of  woodblock printing, it became easier for peasants and the common  people to learn how to read. This influenced (MORE)

What is Japanese woodblock?

According to the textbook A History of Western Art, woodblock printing began in China in the 4th century, and Buddhist missionaries brought the technique to Japan in the 6th c (MORE)
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What does a woodblock sound like?

It sounds like a hollow piece of wood (even though it is not) and it sounds lovely! You should go try one out somewhere.
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What is unique about a Japanese woodblock print?

There are many unique features of Japanese woodblock prints. The text or image is first drawn on washi (japanese paper). It is then cut away, and a small hard object called a (MORE)

What were Japanese woodblock images?

浮世絵 (Ukiyo-e; literally meaning "Pictures of a floating world") is  a type of woodblock prints and paintings which flourished in Japan  from the 17th century to the 19 (MORE)