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What is the purpose of woodblock printing?

Put yourself in the shoes of a 19th century handbill printer. One day, you heard the cry, "Go west, young man!" You closed your shop, traded your house for a wagon and team of (MORE)

What is Japanese woodblock?

According to the textbook A History of Western Art, woodblock printing began in China in the 4th century, and Buddhist missionaries brought the technique to Japan in the 6th (MORE)
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What does a woodblock sound like?

It sounds like a hollow piece of wood (even though it is not) and it sounds lovely! You should go try one out somewhere.
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What color were Chick Webb's woodblocks?

It is presumed that Chick Webb's woodblocks were the color of wood. However, the sounds he got from them, and his other percussion instruments were pure gold. His band was a m (MORE)