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Do wooden ships leak?

Yes, wooden ships leak pretty badly. The water that accumulates inside the ship is called bilge and needs to be pumped out regularly with a bilge pump. Answer: In the days o (MORE)
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How heavy were wooden tennis rackets?

Wooden tennis racquets are heavier than then the current racquets manufactured today. Many wooden racquets can weight up to 14 oz/ 397 grams. With that extra weight they lack (MORE)
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What was the wooden Indian on cheers?

Not sure of the spelling but his name was Tecumseh. I think he was the chief of the Shawnee tribe that sided with the white men and was later betrayed.

What is a wooden block?

A wooden block is a block of wood. Blocks of wood can be used for  science experiments, or for building things.
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How do you straighten a wooden stick?

    You can use heat to straighten out a stick. You can also use heat to bend a stick into the desired form.
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What is a wooden float?

A Wooden float is the flat surfaced tool that is used for smoothing the surface of concrete prior to it setting. A wooden float produces a reasonably non slip surface as it pu (MORE)

Where did wooden clogs originate?

The wooden clogs is believed to have originated from Holland also  called the Netherlands. The wooden clogs is still an important  aspect of the Dutch heritage and is still (MORE)

How old was john wooden when he died?

He wa 92 years old. He was the best coach for a college team  ever. He had great success, John Wooden had a pyramid of success.  Look it up some time. You'll enjoy it and ma (MORE)