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Why were theatres in Shakespeare's time called the wooden o?

Theatres in London were only called a "wooden o" once, by Shakespeare, in the Prologue to his play Henry V. He was talking about the theatre in which the play was being perfor (MORE)

Why were the theatres in Shakespeare's time nicknamed 'The Wooden O'?

  Because the building was circular and made of wood. Actually the sides were not truly circular but a series of many straight lengths which gave the impression of being c (MORE)

What is a wooden block?

A wooden block is a block of wood. Blocks of wood can be used for  science experiments, or for building things.

What does the wooden O in Shakespeare's plays refers to?

It refers to the shape of the outdoor theatres of the time: a ring of galleries with a space in the centre open to the sky. They looked a bit like the letter "O". The common i (MORE)

What is a wooden float?

A Wooden float is the flat surfaced tool that is used for smoothing the surface of concrete prior to it setting. A wooden float produces a reasonably non slip surface as it pu (MORE)

What is a wooden plow?

a wooen plow is a ancient mesopotamian tool used to make soil softer for fertile soil also use it before planting crops like barley, onions, grapes, turnups, and apples