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What is a manor?

A manor was a large farming estate. It included a manor house,  fields, farming buildings, cottages for the peasants who lived on  it, and other areas. The peasant cottages (MORE)

Who owned Manors?

Manors were owned by Lords in English or Seigneurs in French and it was a segment of the feudal system that existed in Central and Western Europe during the middle ages
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What did a manor consist of?

A manor in the middle ages often consisted of cottages for the serfs, a common pasture, farmlands, a church, and the house or castle of the lord.
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What does manor mean?

A manor is the basic unit of medieval land holding among the aristocracy. Most of the time, one manor was one village and its associated farmlands, fields, meadow, woodlands, (MORE)

What is on a medieval manor?

the medievil manor had a church , wattle & daub houses , farm , forest , jousting field , wells , booths , schools and a castle
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How was the typical manor?

the typical manor was like a small town with people that worked under the landlord in exchange for protection and food, shelter, etc.
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What did a manor have on it?

Almost by definition, a manor had a manor house, where its lord lived with his family, when he was on the manor. A manor had fields where various crops were grown and animal (MORE)
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Describe a manor?

A manor is a large country house that is the principal house of a landed estate. A manor is typically granted by a charter in a British colony.