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How can you get to south Africa?

If you are in a Southern African country you could drive your own car, catch a bus, board a train or plane. It is a fact that some people, especially Zimbabweans, simply wal (MORE)

Is South Africa part of Africa?

Yes, the Republic of South Africa (formerly called the Union of South Africa) is a country on the southern tip of the continent of Africa. In addition, "south Africa," or "sou (MORE)

How far is it from johansburg south Africa to durban south Africa?

Depending where exactly in Durban and Johannesburg you are travelling to or from it is about 550 km by the N3 highway. Durban and Johannesburg are big cities, so add up to 60k (MORE)

What is the impact colonialism in South Africa and why did they come in South Africa?

Originally the Dutch set up a refreshment station at the Southern tip of Africa so that their ships sailing the spice route to the East could stock up on fresh supplies of mea (MORE)

Is Kenya in north Africa or South Africa?

Kenya is in East Africa, which is commonly known as the Horn ofAfrica, and it borders Tanzania, Uganda Ethiopia and Somalia amongother countries; besides having access to the (MORE)

Where in South Africa are the most lion?

The 2 at the top of my list would be: The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park The Kruger National Park Apart from these there are many other game reserves with lion. Around Pretori (MORE)