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Are marks and Spencer a part of woolworths?

No, the m&s in the uk and Woolworths in South Africa are two independent companies, although they share a lot in common. m&s previously had shares in Woolworths, and their man (MORE)
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How does rice get to our supermarkets?

Farmers grow and harvest the rice then sell it to market. Those who buy the bushels of rice on the market take it to factories or mills to process it, including sorting, clean (MORE)

Did woolworths have any clarice cliff tea sets?

No. Contrary to popular belief Woolworths did not sell Clarice Cliff. Original order books from the day show it did not have orders for Woolworths. The pottery was highly expe (MORE)

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What supermarkets in the UK?

The UK has many supermarkets, including:    Asda   Tesco   Morrisons   Waitrose   Regional Co-Operative Societies   Sainsbury's   Spar   Lidl (MORE)