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Is a a word?

The words A and AN are called "indefinite articles" and apply to some non-specific member of a group. Use "an" when the following word starts with a vowel sound. (Some users ( Full Answer )
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What words have are in them?

The simplest are the words bare, care, dare, and so forth, to stare and tare. Also other forms such as barefoot, careful, and software. Other words include the letters as p ( Full Answer )
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What words have and in them?

h and , b and , comm and , l and, reprim and you know those type of words
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Why the word why?

Because it is a good question that allows one to figure out the reason for something to either repeat it, prevent it or generally understand it
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Why do they have words?

\nThere are languages because people wanted to be able to communicate more clearly than with grunts and snorts, like some animals. It helped organize groups to do things toge ( Full Answer )
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Words that have it in them?

with . itself . Italian . itch . italic . pitch . pit . witch . sit . Italy . item . iterate . twitch
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Words that have or in them?

Doctor, actor, or any word which describes a person who does a specific job . Mentor
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What are words that have or in them?

some words that have or in them are: thorn worn horse core chore boar score snore warm warn those are some words that have or in them
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Which words have are in them?

Some words that have 'are' in them: . apparent . area . arena . bare . care . career . claret . dare . declare . ensnare . fare . flare . glare . hare . parent
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What words have the in them?

There are far too many words with "the" in them to list them all. Here are just some: . Theatricalities . Theophilosophic . Thermobarograph . Thermomagnetism . Thermor ( Full Answer )