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Can you stretch your mouth?

yes you can, ive always wanted to be like steven tyler of aerosmith and have a big mouth so one day i decided to start stretching it with my finger, each week doing it for lon (MORE)

Word meaning diarrhea of the mouth?

"Diarrhea of the mouth" or "Verbal Diarrhea" is a humorous term used to describe someone who talks a lot, almost as if it were their talking was uncontrollable or involuntary (MORE)

What does the mouth do?

The mouth is the first part of the digestive system. It is here  that the food is chewed. With the addition of saliva which contains  the enzyme amylase the food is crushed (MORE)

What is word of mouth advertisement?

In simple terms... it's telling someone about a product, a company  or a service that you have experienced, Word of mouth is the BEST  advert a company can have - as it's ba (MORE)