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Word meaning diarrhea of the mouth?

"Diarrhea of the mouth" or "Verbal Diarrhea" is a humorous term used to describe someone who talks a lot, almost as if it were their talking was uncontrollable or involuntary (MORE)

Do snails have mouths?

Yes it does. I saw one eating and the thing it was eating literally went through the snail(okay, so it didn't go all the way through, but you could still see the stick through (MORE)
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Why is there bacteria in your mouth?

They help break down food. Just a fun fact: there are more bacteria in a persons mouth than there are people in Australia _________________________________________________ (MORE)

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Do butterflies have a mouth?

No they have a tube like a straw that curls up when not in use
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Is mouth a noun?

Yes, the word 'mouth' is a noun, a word for the opening  through which a human or an animal eats and breathes; a word for an  opening in an inanimate object; a word for a th (MORE)

What is word of mouth advertisement?

In simple terms... it's telling someone about a product, a company  or a service that you have experienced, Word of mouth is the BEST  advert a company can have - as it's ba (MORE)