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Benefits of salad?

Some benefits of salad are you are consuming a number of different vegetables in this, therefore consuming a number of important vitamin and minerals. Salads are mainly low in (MORE)

What is a classic salad?

A classic salad consists of romaine lettuce, tomatoes (cherry/plum or cut into eighths), cucumbers (sliced or quartered), red and green bell peppers (chopped), shredded carrot (MORE)

What are the classification of salad?

There are 3 types of salads: Bound, Composed, or Tossed. Bound salads refer to any salads that are held together by mayonnaise or a dressing (such as macaroni salad or potato (MORE)

Where did the word salad come from?

diarist John Evelyn wrote a book on salads, Acetaria: A Discourse on Sallets (1699), and the new salad greens coming from Italy and the Netherlands
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What are the ingredients to a salad?

There is many ingredients that you can put in a salad such as lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, turkey or ham, carrots, eggs, cucumbers. You can add whatever you would like to your s (MORE)

What types of salads are there?

Here's a basic coleslaw with a tangy mayonnaise dressing, and it's a great choice for summer meals. Serve this coleslaw with barbecue or sandwiches. 6 cups shredded cabbage1 c (MORE)

What Is Salad Made Of?

Salad is customarily a combination of vegetables or fruits.   A salad can include any type of food, meats, fish, cheese, nuts,  etc. with many types of sauces and dressin (MORE)

What is a nondeef salad?

I'm pretty sure you're speaking of Endive Salad (on-deev) made from endive greens, arugula or some other lettuce and usually a vinagrette dressing, walnuts, crumbled bleu chee (MORE)

What are vegetable salads?

Veg Salads are salads made with vegetables. Salads are fun to make. You can use the vegetables you like in your salad like cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, bell peppers, (MORE)

What is the recipe for salad?

A salad is a combination of any two ingredients, usually uncooked. Salads can be very simple; for example, shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes with dressing, or it can have (MORE)