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What is soil workability?

Workability refers to the ease of which the  soil can be physically controlled for the purpose of cultivation.  For example, if tilling or digging the soil produces cloddy o (MORE)

Could we have a workable system of government without judicial review?

Workable--yes. There have been many systems of government around  the world that did not have judicial review.      Fair--no. Without judicial review, someone in ano (MORE)
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What Meaning of workability?

work ability is an work of concrete done by cement of ability is called work ability

What is meant by Workability of Concrete?

In case of long haul involved in delivering ready-mixed concrete to the site of work, concrete is mixed intermittently to reduce the bad effect of continuous mixing. A pertine (MORE)
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What is the workability of concrete?

The property of concrete which determines the amount of useful work (like- water content, mix proportion, size of aggregate used and use of admixtures) necessary to produce fu (MORE)

Why should concrete be workable?

Concrete is like a liquid when first made, but quickly hardens. Any air left within the hardened concrete significantly reduces the strength. Workable concrete can be moved ea (MORE)