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What Meaning of workability?

work ability is an work of concrete done by cement of ability is called work ability

Who created the first workable Typewriter?

an inventor called christopher sholes started to develop a workable typewriter just after the Civil War. He drew in co-inventors, and together they made improvements.\n. \n. (MORE)
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What is soil workability?

Workability refers to the ease of which thesoil can be physically controlled for the purpose of cultivation.For example, if tilling or digging the soil produces cloddy orplate (MORE)

Why should concrete be workable?

Concrete is like a liquid when first made, but quickly hardens. Any air left within the hardened concrete significantly reduces the strength. Workable concrete can be moved ea (MORE)

What is the workability of plywood?

There are range of ply boards for "shuttering grade" which is very basic to furniture grade which is well made with no gaps in the layers and is finished in a range of expensi (MORE)
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What is the workability of concrete?

The property of concrete which determines the amount of useful work (like- water content, mix proportion, size of aggregate used and use of admixtures) necessary to produce fu (MORE)

How many workable days in a year?

Typically a work week consists of five business days. There are generally four weeks in a month for a total of twenty work days in a month. Since there are twelve months, you (MORE)