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What is a typical workday for a lawyer?

I am a lawyer myself. I get up, get ready and drive my car to work. Then i go to my office and look for information on someones case. After that I go down to the courtroom and (MORE)
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What are the typical workday for pediatrics?

Pediatricians usually work from around 8:30 or 9:00 am to about 4 or 5 pm. I would think that they take a lunch break for about an hour in between.But during their work hours (MORE)
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What is a typical workday like for a zoologist?

they examine animals to make sure that they are healthy and look at there environment to see if there are any changes that should be made in there diet or environment:)
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What do you do in a typical workday as a psychologist?

you basically work with other physicians and collegues also you might stay in an office or have your own personal Firm depends what kind of psychologist you want to be if its (MORE)
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How do you define a workday?

A workday is a day on which work is normally performed usually not Sunday or Saturday. It is also part of the 24-hour period in which work is normally performed usually eight (MORE)
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What was workday for ancient Egyptians?

depends on the job if you were a farmer you'd tend to the feilds, feed the cattle, butcher the meet, collect produce. if you were an artisan you would melt the gold, put the c (MORE)
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What does teacher workday mean?

Teacher Workday is a day when teachers grade their student's papers and get the report cards ready for the next school semester. It's basically just a day when kids can finall (MORE)
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How was a typical workday for slaves?

Do you mean slaves? Also it's kinda important to be specific onwhat type of slaves and which time period the worked in, butif you just mean the stereotypical slave than thei (MORE)
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How long is a Chinese workday?

It is hard to say because there are lots of different jobs and that changes how long someone works for. The average worker would work for 9 hours.
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What activity takes up your workday?

I work out of a building behind my house so my workday is different than most. My workday consists of getting the mail, walking the dogs, sorting through the mail, doing the s (MORE)