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Is Pennsylvania workers compensation taxable?

No. Workers compensation is completely exempt from federal tax if the payments are made under a workers compensation act for injuries occurring in the course of employment. Th (MORE)

Is workers compensation taxable in California?

Workers compensation is not classified as earned income and is not taxed in any state according to workers compensation Unemployment benefits are subject to f (MORE)

What is code 8809 in workers compensation?

The code "8809" in Worker's Compensation refers to "Executive  Officers." It details how to classify their duties only regarding  outside or clerical sales. Duties outside t (MORE)

Is longshoremen's and harbor worker act insurance the same as workmen's compensation insurance?

It's not the same as Worker's Compensation but is in place of it. Some industries have their own systems set up as the railroads have instead of social security.
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What is a Workers Compensation Settlement?

A Worker's Compensation Settlement is a settlement between the worker and a corporation that employed/employs them for injuries or other losses inflicted upon the worker by th (MORE)