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If you have a major in Psychology and a minor in Social Worker can you hold the title Social Worker if you chose to work in the field?

No, the only way you may call yourself a social worker is if you are licensed by your state either as a Licsensed Social Worker, Clinical Social Worker, or Licensed Clinical S (MORE)

What is the job title of someone who works at McDonald's?

Positions, from the lowest to the highest, go: Crew Member. Crew Trainer, Area Manager (some restaurants no longer have these), Manager, Shift/Swing Manager, Certified Shift/S (MORE)

Can you get a title loan if your name is not on the title?

No you can't. As the term implies, a title loan is given using the title to a particular piece of property as security (be this a car, boat, house etc). As such, the loan can (MORE)

How do i get a clean title from a salvage title?

Once a salvage title always a salvage title. You may get totaled/reconstructed or some other wording but the car will never be clean again, it will remain branded and it is il (MORE)

Song titles with 'gypsy' in the title?

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves - Cher Gypsy Woman - The Impressions/Brian Hyland Gypsy Woman Rick Nelson Gypsy Woman - Jonathan Tyler And The Northern Lights Gypsy Woman (MORE)

Title of songs with contract in the title?

(Artist) Title (Armageddon) The Contract (Mass Undergoe) Leech Of Contract (Onslaught) Contract In Blood (Status Quo) No Contract (Running Wild) The Contract (Fligh (MORE)