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Is it best to weigh yourself before a workout or after a workout?

It honestly does not make that much of a difference when you weigh  yourself in general. The main guideline for weighing yourself is to  just do it at the same time each day (MORE)

Are cranberries good before a workout?

I cannot attest to their nutritional benefit before a work out. However, speaking from experience, it will make you through up if your workouts are in any form as intense as m (MORE)

What should you eat before and after a workout?

Before a workout it is best to eat something loaded with quick carbs but also complex carbs. For pre workout a banana is excellent because it provides carbohydrates and potass (MORE)

What is pre workout?

I have heard this in a few contexts but the main definition of a pre workout is simply a warm up. This is where you spend a short while (5-10 minutes, maybe longer or shorte (MORE)

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What to do after a workout?

After a workout it would be nice to eat something healthy like an apple. Make sure to drink lots and lots of water. After i am refueled i would prefer to just take a nice warm (MORE)

Where can you find a nordicflex workout manual?

You can find the manual both in writing and on video at various websites. The manual can be downloaded as a .pdf from the NordicFlex website. (MORE)
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How do you get a good workout?

According to me, 15 minute workout in the morning and evening is  perfectly okay to stay fit, but with that you must make sure that  what you eat and drink throughout the da (MORE)

What does a Curves workout do for you?

Curves is a facility specialy designed for women featuring a 30 min complete work out and weight management program that is fun fast and safe. Most facilities feature the most (MORE)

Is workout a verb?

Workout as one word like that is a noun. To use it as a verb, you  would split it into two words.   For instance, "I'm going to go work out." Then, later, "I'm done  wit (MORE)