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Is Australia a first world a second world or a third world?

Australia is a first world country. It is fully developed, with excellent education and health care systems, and a wealthy has one of the highest standards of livin (MORE)

How did the World end in Night World?

there hasn't been "the end of the world" yet in night world. l.j smith is still working on her 10th book strange fate. but if you go on the l.j smith net u can c some of her s (MORE)

What is the worlds largest vehicle in the world?

Active service: Aircraft: Antonov AN225 Mira Land Vehicle: Bagger 288 Excavator Sea Faring: USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier (Nimitz Class) Sub-Sea: Typhoon Submarin (MORE)

World richest man in the world?

Bill Gates is the second rich person but the real richest person is Carlos Slim coming in 3 place is the Mexican known as El Chapo.
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Who is the worlds greatest hypnotist in the world?

The greatest living hypnotist is Richard Bandler, founder of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming. Dr. Bandler learned his technique from Milton Erickson, the famed psychiatrist (MORE)

Worlds richest country in the world?

The United States is the richest country in the world. But it depends what you mean by richest. They generate the largest income but have the largest costs. They have little s (MORE)

What did Cleopatra do for the world?

Free trade, but only to a limited number of Marc Antony's cronies. Otherwise, Cleopatra did very little for the world. It was not her concern. All she worried about was Egypt (MORE)

Kingdom of god is in this world but not of this world?

Well, for Christians, the Kingdom of God is in this world but not of this world. As believers, we are part of the kingdom, making the Kingdom in this world. We are not of this (MORE)