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What is the world?

The world (our planet, Earth) is a sphere made up of several layers. First there is the crust, then mantle, then outer core, and last the inner core. The world in which we li (MORE)

Why are you in the world?

You are in this world because God created you. You have a purpose and a reason for being in this world. The Lord knows everything about you, and knew everything you were going (MORE)
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Why is the world as it is?

Many people have different beliefs of why the world is as it is some of these beliefs being religious and others being scientific. The scientific belief as to why the world is (MORE)

When will the world in?

20015 . IMPROVED ANSWER: . If you are asking the question about the world we are all living in now, the answer is, "Nobody Knows!" . Even Jesus Christ made it clear that, (MORE)
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Where in the world is to?

Toronto Ontario Canada is often referred to as TO. It is near the western end of Lake Ontario, about 60 miles north-northwest of Buffalo NY.
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Who has the world?

To be honest not just one person has the world. Everyone has it.Everyone shares the world, even God and Jesus.
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When will the world when?

the world will end not when it will end when the sun implodes.implodes mean that it will collapse on its self and the outerlayers will keep expanding until it explodes and the (MORE)