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What is a standing 8 count in the world of boxing?

  If the referee feels that your brain has become deep scrambled, he'll do a standing 8 count. If you don't survive it, you lose by TKO, the most humiliating way to lose i (MORE)
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Who is the worlds best boxing padman?

Coach Rick known as "The Mittologist" (James Ricky Coward). He is arguably one of the most talented boxing padwork trainers, if not the best on the planet. A world class Profe (MORE)

What were in the boxes the civilians carried during World War 2?

  British civilians carried boxes that contained gas masks that were designed to protect them from possible chemical attacks by the Germans. The Germans had the capability (MORE)
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Who was the heavyweight boxing champion of the world 1952-1956?

Between September 1952 and September 1955 Rocky Marciano was champion. There wouldn't be another champion after Marciano's retirement until Floyd Patterson in November 1956.
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