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What is a standing 8 count in the world of boxing?

  If the referee feels that your brain has become deep scrambled, he'll do a standing 8 count. If you don't survive it, you lose by TKO, the most humiliating way to lose i (MORE)
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Who is the worlds best boxing padman?

Coach Rick known as "The Mittologist" (James Ricky Coward). He is arguably one of the most talented boxing padwork trainers, if not the best on the planet. A world class Profe (MORE)

What are the objectives of the World trade organization?

Following are the objective of the world trade organisation - The foremost objective of WTO is to enforce new world trade regulation system.To encourage world trade in such a (MORE)

Who is the head of the World Health Organization?

  Answer   World Health Organization   Acronym: WHO       Flag of the World Health Organization     Formation 7 April 1948   Type Specia (MORE)
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What does the World Health Organization do?

The World Health Organization is a specialized agency that deals with matters of international public health that is under the United Nations. There job is to cure and allevia (MORE)