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What was the Quebec conference during world war 2?

The 1943 Quebec Conference was a meeting between Britain, Canada and the United States. They met to discuss plans for the invasion of France and agreed to increase the bombing (MORE)

Where was the 1995 world environmental conference on aspartame?

Nowhere, there was no world environmental conference on aspartame. This appears to be related to the internet rumor regarding Nancy Markle, a pseudonym for an unidentified ema (MORE)

World War 1 economics?

Overall, the Allies spent more than twice of what the Central  Powers spent in the war ($58 Billion vs the Central Powers' $25  Billion). Of all countries involved, the UK a (MORE)

What did austria want at the World War 1 peace conference?

The Paris Peace Conference was held by the Allied Forces, who won  the War; Austria had been on the defeated side and did not  participate. However, the Treaty of Saint-Germ (MORE)

How did the Munich Conference cause World War 2?

The 1938 Munich Conference can be said to be one cause of World War  II because of two connected factors. The first is that Hitler's  sense of destiny (or, his confidence) w (MORE)

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