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Why is Stonehenge a World Heritage site?

Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site for aesthetic, historic,  scientific, and social reasons, as well as authenticity. It is one  of the most famous prehistoric monuments in (MORE)

What are the Disadvantages to world heritage sites?

The dis-advantages to WHS's are that they can become extremely popular with tourists and this could put the site under threat. Issues can include erosion and litter. Also, hot (MORE)

Who looks after the world heritage sites?

The United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization,  otherwise known as UNESCO, is looking after the world's heritage  sites since the foundation of the Unite (MORE)

Why do people pilgrim to the santiago de compostela cathedral?

People pilgrim to the famous cathedral in Santiago de Compostela to visit the burial site of the Apostle Santiago, or James the Greater/James the Elder. People do the Camino d (MORE)