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How can you prevent intellectual property theft?

If formal registration is available in your country, take advantage of it. Join a professional society in your discipline, register your works with them if possible, and make (MORE)

What is the foreground intellectual property?

"Foreground intellectual property" is commonly the new intellectual property which is developed arising out of a relationship between two companies collaborating together. Con (MORE)

What is international character of intellectual property?

In order to ease trade and knowledge sharing among different countries, many intellectual property laws are based on the same general ideas. The World Intellectual Property Or (MORE)

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What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is the ideas, inventions, or processes that come from one's mind or intellect. It extends the rights given a written work, or a physical device, and gran (MORE)

Why are intellectual property rights needed?

IP rights such as copyright and patent give creators the exclusive to ascribe value to and derive income from their creations. For copyright, this may allow a writer to quit h (MORE)

What is intellectual property abuse?

The most common IP abuse is unlicensed use of protected materials. In copyright and patent it's known as infringement, and in trademark it can be infringement or fraud, depend (MORE)

What two 1996 World Intellectual Property Organizations treaties did DMCA implement?

Title I of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act amended US copyright law to comply with the WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty. The WCT made (MORE)