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What are trombones made from?

Answer . They are predominantly brass. Various alloys are used with it. The brass contains typically 80% copper and 20% Zinc, but some other varieties contain more copper a (MORE)

What key is the trombone in?

There are two considerations: the horn and the music. The fundamental pitch of the modern tenor trombone is B-flat. That is, it is the lowest note one can play with the slide (MORE)

How do you get a value on your trombone?

To get a value on your trombone you have multiple options: 1) Go to your local music store where they will appraise it 2) Go to a pawn shop (Probably not as accurate as a (MORE)

What is a trombone?

A trombone is an instrument that is part of the brass family, where its slide is pushed and pulled to make the instrument longer and shorter for higher and lower notes. Answe (MORE)

How does a trombone work?

The slide has 7 positions, and each position, when combined with a certain mouth position (called an embochoure) makes a certain note or pitch. There is a tuning slide (locate (MORE)

How do you clean a trombone?

    Cleaning a trombone is quite simple. Throughout this process, be sure to handle your slide carefully as it may be damaged easily, especially when the inner slide (MORE)

What can a trombone do?

Make noise and is really cool! A trombone can do more than make noise and yes, it is really cool what is does. A trombone is good for slurs in music because of the slide mecha (MORE)

What does the balancer do on a trombone?

It's a counterweight to the slide. The slide gets heavy, especially when extended into lower positions, so the balance puts extra weight on the opposite end of the instrument. (MORE)

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