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Is the trombone the hardest instrument to play?

It's hard to figure out how to approach this question, but here goes: Brass instruments change from note to note by combining two different techniques--making the length of t (MORE)

How is trombone played?

You have to make a buzzing sound in the mouthpiece to make a sound. In order to play high notes, you tighten your lips and in order to play low notes, you relax them. If you a (MORE)

How do you make a trombone mute?

A common toilet plunger can be used as a cup mute or a wah-wah mute. In a sticky situation it can mimic the sound of a straight mute if held very tightly to the bell, but it d (MORE)

What is a trombone?

A trombone is an instrument that is part of the brass family, where its slide is pushed and pulled to make the instrument longer and shorter for higher and lower notes. Answe (MORE)

Who plays trombone?

Typically, trombone players play trombone. Sometimes, trumpet players will attempt to play the trombone. They often must rely on valve trombones since the valve system is the (MORE)

What is the importance of the Trombone?

In many music, the trombone does the rhythm of the brass instruments because the trombone is lower pitched than the trumpets, it often does the same rhythms as the Baritone Sa (MORE)