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Why we celebrate world peace day?

The reason why people celebrate World Peace Day is to mark the  continued absence of war and violence in the world. This was first  celebrated on September 21, 1982.
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Is Bhutan a peaceful country in the world?

Absolutely Right. Bhutan is the PEACEFUL country with good natural environment. The people in this country all friendly to each other and there are good leaders who rules our (MORE)

How to create world peace?

 To create world peace, we all have to be nice to people. we must  stop world domination and stop discrimination so that everyone get  inspired.       ever (MORE)

How do you achieve world peace?

Some opinions by WikiAnswers contributors Members of a society can find ways to co-exist with their fellow citizens even when they have widely varying customs and ideals. The (MORE)
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Did UN maintain peace in the world?

A matter of opinion: mine is that the UN's record in maintaining peace is, at best, spotty; however, the UN has helped countless millions of people in improved public health a (MORE)
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Which countries threatened world peace?

During the World War II period, the countries that most evidently  threatened world peace were Germany and Japan. It was these two  countries, in fact, that initiated the wa (MORE)
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How can we bring peace in to the world?

by caring for the atmosphere , littering , animals that have diseases and kids and adults that have problems .
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What is the social issue of world peace?

If the world was all peace it would be really nice, but the issue is people fight, graffiti, there are wars, pollution and more. Things die in water because people leave cans, (MORE)