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How many national championships has the university of Tennessee had?

  As of the 2008 season, the University of Tennessee has won 6 national championships. National Championships 1998 - Record: 13-0 (AP, FWAA, USA Today, FB News, NFF, Spo (MORE)

Whom did Martin Luther debate at the university of Leipzig?

Martin Luther debated with Johann Eck, a Catholic scholar who disagreed with Luther's theses. He (Eck) originally was going to debate with Carlstadt, one of Luther's friends, (MORE)
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What national championships has the University of Virginia won?

Virginia has won a total of 19 team national championships in the last 72 years.Boxing: 1938Women's Indoor Track & Field: 1981Women's Cross Country: 1981 and 1982Men's Lacross (MORE)
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How do you enter the championship Digimon World Championship?

You need to win the preliminaries which are held on the fifth of autumn if I recall correctly, by selecting championship on that day. You can know exactly when by checking on (MORE)

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