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What was World War I?

It was the first war in history that was fought world-wide, in many places around the planet, by a large number of nations. It involved MILLIONS of men, and the death toll w (MORE)

What was the war after World War 2?

The "war" after World War II was the mainly covert conflict called  the Cold War. The first major war included in that conflict  (communists vs anti-communists) was the Kore (MORE)

What war is World War II?

In World War II, Adolf Hitler led Germany (and allied Japan & Italy) to wage war on the rest of the world, including Britain, France (defeated), Russia, USA, Australia and man (MORE)

When is a war classed as a world war?

Normally when war is being fought in all of the oceans on earth, and on most of the nations around the world. Most of WW1 (1914-1918) was fought in Europe, but many of the m (MORE)

Why did they called world war world war?

It was a World War because a man killed the archduke of Austria-Hungary in Sebia. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Serbia had an alliance with Russia and then Russia jo (MORE)

Why were world wars called world war?

Because almost all of the world contributed. "The Allies" were: Great Britain Russia France United States Australia Canada India Belgium Luxembourg Serbia (MORE)

Who declared war in World War I?

Germany was the first country to declare war on Serbia in World War 1. The other countries were pulled into the war because the had alliances with either Serbia or Germany.
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How do we decide if a war is a World War?

  How to define World War?   Alright, the more political/sensible answer that i would thought of is when the whole world, i mean the whole world is affected. For su (MORE)

What is The War of the Worlds about?

The War of the World was a science fiction book written by H.G. Wells in 1898. The War of the Worlds was about invaders from Mars, who come to Earth and slaughter everything (MORE)