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Was the US in debt to European countries after World War 1?

No, in fact the European countries were in debt to the United  States following World War I. Before the US had become physically  involved in the war we had been pumping mil (MORE)

What was the debt of Russia after World War One?

The level of debt in Russia was almost insurmountable after WorldWar I. It amounted to 8,000,000,000 rubles. That was more thantheir economy could produce. These debts were im (MORE)

What happened to the Confederate war debt?

It went unpaid. The war debt involved not only indebtedness of the Confederate national government, but indebtedness incurred by various southern states as well. Patriotic s (MORE)

How did the war debt affects Germany?

They were in lots of debt, so borrowed off the Americans. However, the American stock market then crashed and America asked for their loans back. Germany did not have the mony (MORE)

What happened to the national debt during World War 2?

The war-stimulated economy was booming. The hand of government touched more American lives more intimately during the war than every before; every household felt the constrain (MORE)

What is war debt?

  Hmmm, Money owed to a country for the destruction. Example. United States Sent the atomic bomb on Japan, Now United States owns over 5 billion dollars to Japan for t (MORE)