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Why did World War II end?

World War 2 ended because the two major nations that started the  war, Germany and Japan were defeated by the Western Allies and the  USSR. Germany surrendered in the first (MORE)

Was world War II a continuation of World War 1 and why?

Yes it was. The peace treaty of Versailles in 1919 basically was -  in spite of US President Wilson's warnings - an exercise in revenge  by France and Britain: unrealistical (MORE)

Who was drafted in World War II?

  Answer   That would depend on the country, but in the US there were more than 11.5 million young men drafted for military service in WW-II. They came from every so (MORE)

What started World War II?

Germans were mad about the Versailles Treaty. Their country was hyper inflated and they saw Hitler as their last hope Hitler built up the German army and began invading neig (MORE)

Who was in World War II?

 In WW2 there was two main powers the Axis and the Allies. In the Axis the main countries were Germany, and many other countries which were in the small German empire. In th (MORE)

Who were the allies of World War II?

The Allies in WWII consisted of the United States, the United Kingdom and its colonies, the Soviet Union , France and China. Minor members included the Netherlands, Poland, Yu (MORE)

Outcomes of World War II?

It ended with the end of the Nazi Regime, and a victorious Allied side. The United Nations was created soon after. deaths of 58 million soldiers and civilians on both sides ( (MORE)

When did the World War II occur?

WW2 was fought from September 1, 1939 - September 2, 1945 . It officially started in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland and the united kingdom and all empires of the UK declared (MORE)