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Is it worldly to want to live in a nice home?

I don't think so. If your ultimate goal is God's satisfaction, then you can make God happy by your positive deeds. When you have a nice house it may give you a positive feelin (MORE)

Can a christian listen to worldly songs?

First of all, it depends on what you consider "worldly" songs. Currently, there are Christians who make "Christian music," there are Christians who make "secular music." There (MORE)

What does the Ballade of Worldly Wealth by Andrew Lang poem mean?

For the first six lines of each stanza Andrew Lang describes what money can buy a person. He mentions how money can support the military ("marches soldiers to and fro"), how a (MORE)

According to Buddha what actions would allow people to escape worldly suffering?

Achieving nirvana would allow people to escape worldly suffering. Answer: Following the Eightfold Path would allow a person to remove desire from their lives. Desire is the (MORE)

What was the Puritan view of work and worldly success?

  Most people think the Puritans were workaholics, who loved money, and viewed success as proof of their election and eternal life. Wrong on all points! They believed in h (MORE)

What are the transcendentalists views on work and worldly success?

Transcendentalists view work as important, and worldly success  as philosophically significant. That success can be achive with  hard work.  Success can be measured via phy (MORE)