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What does worsen mean?

It means to make worse or to become worse. To reduce in condition or value, or to deteriorate.
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Does walking worsen shin splints?

I'd say it can prolong the condition at least, but some walking is hard to avoid. Avoid flip flops like the plague, and some sandals, or shoes that are loose or too big, as th (MORE)

Does captivity worsen an animal's health?

captivity does not worsen an animals health at all. but if you are not careful ( with a wild animal) when you release it it will expect people to feed it. so you might have to (MORE)

Why does a sinus headache worsen at night?

A sinus headache is a symptom, not a diagnosis. If the reason for the headache is pressure in your sinuses, staying upright will help relieve the pressure because gravity work (MORE)