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What can you do about your wrinkled arms?

Using a good lotion every day on your skin. Drinking more water (plumps the skin) and also working out with weights in a gym if possible. Swimming is also an excellent exercis (MORE)
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Wrinkles in the brain?

yes the brain has lots wrinkles in fact the more you have the higher IQ you have.
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Why are testicles wrinkled?

its because little men are recreating the battle of the somme on the surface of your testicals and the wrinkle are the various trenchs. Ejaculation is a temporary peace treaty (MORE)
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Why do you get wrinkles?

When we are born we are new to the Earth. But as time progresses gravity has a better "hold" on us. Because of this our skin will be pulled downward. THis is known as wrinklin (MORE)

When do you get wrinkles?

Start your face routine with sunscreen, it's the most effective wayto prevent wrinkles. Your genetics and the damage you do to yourface with sun exposure will determine when y (MORE)
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Is wrinkled an adverb?

No. It is a verb or an adjective (along with wrinkly). There is no adverb form of either.
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Do butts have wrinkles?

yes, if you scrunch it up or you are just old and have a wrinkle butt
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How do you get the wrinkles out of UGGS?

You can use a iron and just go over them , then to hold there shape you just stick like a shirt or something of that nature , or you can go to a local store and get a boot sha (MORE)
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How can you reduce your wrinkles?

The best thing to use is a deep moisturizer. You are young sochoose a cream that is not too harsh on your skin. Avoid pilling ontons of makeup. It totally dries up your face.
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What is wrinkle?

Wrinkles are creases, folds or ridges in the skin. Most commonly, wrinkles appear as we get older. However, they may develop after our skin has been immersed in water for a l (MORE)