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How do you write 5000.00 iN WRITING?

If it is a dollar amount, you could write 'five thousand dollars', or 'exactly five thousand dollars'. Both imply that there are no cents involved. You could write exactly fi (MORE)
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Do you say I write you or i write to you?

Either can be correct depending on the context and the tense. But  you need a helping verb.    I will write you means the same thing as   I will write to you.  (MORE)
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How do you write a will?

Make a list of all your valuable property including family heirlooms, jewelry, bank accounts, real property, life insurance, etc. Then write a list of how you want your proper (MORE)

How do you write continuous writing?

You've got a short idea for your continuous writing, for example : You were at home watching television one day and had left your front door open. Suddenly your neighbor's do (MORE)

Does the hand that you write with affect how you write?

Yes. Right handed people can pull their hand away as they write, to make room for more letters. Left handed people have to push their hand over paper they've already written (MORE)
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What is literary writing academic writing?

Literary writing makes use of figurative words and creative  descriptions and narrations while academic writing is based on  facts, systematically presented, and organized.

Why do you write?

Simple answer: you write because you have to. Writers write because the ideas percolating inside their minds just have to come out and be written down. If you are a writer, th (MORE)

Why do we have writing?

According to many, writing was made as a means of communication  from distance, and is still used after the phone was invented.   ---------------------------------------- (MORE)