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What is the significance of Writs of Assistance?

The Writs of Assistance allowed British officials to issue blank warrants in America. That meant that those officials could search a house without having to explain to cause. (MORE)

What is the significance of writs of assistance in he American revolution?

These were 18th century bogus legal instruments, allowing British officials to conduct search and seizure of American citizens at the drop of a hat, and without real "due proc (MORE)

What is a writ of assistance?

This was a general search warrant issued by the British government  that gave customs agents the right to search any building or ship  in the colonies for smuggled goods.  (MORE)

Why the colonists objected to writs of assistance?

The colonists objected the writs of assistance because it  allowed officials to get warrants to break into the work places of  merchants. Often merchant's workplaces where t (MORE)

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