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What is protective writ?

  Depending on terminology of your jurisdiction, a writ is a claim, action or other document by which proceedings to sue are initiated.   The term 'protective writ' o (MORE)

Writ a program in c to display day of the week using in switch case?

/* write a program to print Days of Week using switch-case structure */ #include #include void main() { int n; clrscr(); printf("\\n Enter Day of weak as Number 1 (MORE)

Why did George Grenville allow customs officers to obtain general writs of assistance?

He allowed them to obtain general writs of assistance so that they could be allowed to enter any location to search for smuggled goods. (The 'writs of assistance' was legal (MORE)

What is blue writ?

  A writ of bodily attachment ("Blue Writ") is issued for somebody's arrest when they have traditionally missed a court date or payment.
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What is the significance of Writs of Assistance?

The Writs of Assistance allowed British officials to issue blank warrants in America. That meant that those officials could search a house without having to explain to cause. (MORE)

What is a writ of replevin?

  Answer     A replevin writ is a court order granted to a complainant to recover goods that have been unlawfully taken or retained.     In some instances (MORE)