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What is wrong with cities?

What is Wrong with Cities? There are lots of problems when it comes to urban cities. Here are just the biggest problems with them: Housing - Homelessness is a big problem w (MORE)

What is wrong with communism?

There is nothing 'wrong' with Communism. The thing is that most Westerners get the misconception that Communism is bad. This is because during the Cold War in an effort to get (MORE)
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Why is vandalism wrong?

Vandalism damages or destroys the property owned by someone else. It costs private citizens or insurance companies billions every year.
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Why is murder wrong?

Because it is against the law to commit murder, and because it isn't your life to take, only God can take someones life. No one has the right to take it upon themselves to (MORE)

What did Hitler do wrong?

Choose from the following because each in turn led to the downfall of the Third Reich and any aspiration for a German Victory in WWII:   * The failure to win the Battle of (MORE)

Why is stereotyping wrong?

Stereotyping is the same thing as generalizing. When you stereotype you assume that everyone in a particular group, whether it be categorized by religion, ethnicity, region, (MORE)

Is wrong a verb?

"Wrong" can be a verb, an adjective, or a noun. An example of its use as a verb is "They wrong their political enemies by always describing them as motivated by greed."
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What is wrong with me?

A couple nights ago I had several panic attacks, because I thought  there was something looking at me, but nothing was there I was  sweating a lot and crying I was terrified (MORE)