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What wrong with you?

Instead of saying, what wrong with you. Try saying, what is wrong  with you. When dating it is a good idea to try to use good grammar,  it gives the appearance of intelligen (MORE)
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What if you are wrong?

1. I am not wrong, because I am always right. 2. There is nothing you can do about it. Answer 2: Let us say I am wrong and you are right. Then what? What difference does it (MORE)

Is it wrong to be wrong?

No, it is not because it is only a mistake but you can not aqlways fix it. It is more like a lesson, if you think about Notafraidtospeek: I agree in a way. I believe you c (MORE)

Why do we do wrong?

Well, we live in a horrible, cruel world with tons of temptation and peer pressure. On top of that, no living being is perfect. We do wrong because we are human. It is a way o (MORE)
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What is to be wrong?

To disobey the law given to us. Mainly to disobey the Word of God.
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Why is she wrong?

From the way the question is worded, it is impossible to tell whether she is wrong or right, let alone why. In order to answer this, we would need to know what the situation i (MORE)

What is wrong about?

The so-called American dream and the new US health care program that was sponsored by President Obama are not connected. In as much as there are two other government backed he (MORE)
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What is wrong with me?

A couple nights ago I had several panic attacks, because I thought  there was something looking at me, but nothing was there I was  sweating a lot and crying I was terrified (MORE)