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Where is Wuhan?

Answer   Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province and one of the major cities in China. See also Yangtze River, China.   For a map and photos visit this site: http://ww (MORE)

What religions are there in Wuhan?

Most of people in wuhan do not believe any religion. But there are also some people believe Christian, Buddhism and Islam. I am a local wuhan people and my name is eva. If you (MORE)

The Wuhan Iron and Steel email?

Give me add of your company. Our boss now stay at Wuhan and he want find your company. Our boss now find Wuhan Iron and Steel Co.,LTD You can give me your handphone. my email: (MORE)
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Is wuhan or meinl better in cymbals?

Meinl is generally much better than wuhan. Meinl makes more high end cymbals rather than the low end cymbals wuhan makes. Wuhan has a fairly good china for cheap though. DO NO (MORE)

Is there a Roman Catholic Church in Wuhan?

There in a catholic church in each part of Wuhan but the only one  who provides Mass in English and about 4 times a year in French is  the one in WUCHANG; Address 2 HUA YUAN (MORE)