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What is the distance from wuxi China to suchou China?

In China we count by how many hours by highway bus it is so easy to travel by high way bus. Every half hour there is a bus leaving in two cities.. It normally take about 2 ho (MORE)
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Does the wuxi finger hold really work?

Simple. The Wuxi Finger Hold, or Wuxi Chi (as we called it in old China), is meant to attack your opponent's ego. The more ego-centrical you opponent, the better it works. In (MORE)

What is the nearest sea port to wuxi china?

Jiangyin is about 45 minutes north. Jiangyin Port is one of the five major river ports of the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province. It is located at the end of river and the star (MORE)

Is the Wuxi china Bengal dog real?

yes the Chinese Bengal dog is real my sister in law has just got one. she took it to the vet the other day and had it checked out and they are a new breed of dog that has been (MORE)

How do you get to the Suzhou Wuxi hotel from Shanghai Pudong Hongqiao airport?

Airport Transfer Service Suzhou =-= Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Buick Lacrosse/Passat + driver 350RMB Buick Business 7seats + driver 600RMB Suzhou =-= Shanghai Pudong Airport B (MORE)